Portugal Golden Visa – Fund Investment (Option I'm Considering) / 350k €

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Today we are going over the Portuguese Golden Visa Fund Investment Option.
We love this golden visa because it’s an easy and straightforward path to EU citizenship.

Portugal Golden Visa gives you 3 options to invest:
1. You can buy real estate in Portugal
2. You can invest in bonds
3. You can invest in a fund

Lots of my clients went through the fund investment option lately, and I’m seriously considering this option for myself as well.

If we talk about real estate investment options in Portugal, there are 3:
1. 500 000 EUR option in Lisbon and Porto
2. 350 000 EUR investment in other areas
3. 280 000 EUR option, we’ve done a separate video on this

Another option is to invest in a fund – 350 000 EUR. Funds have to invest at least 60% in Portuguese companies. I’ve spent quite a bit of time doing due diligence and assessment of funds in Portugal. They’re all regulated and licensed, so I’m not very concerned when it comes to Portuguese funds as I’d be when investing in some other country.

There are 3 types of funds:
-Venture Funds – they buy companies
-Real Estate Funds
-Blend of these two

One interesting thing is that funds are allowed to invest in Lisbon and Porto, so you can still be exposed to that market even with the lower investment of 350 000 EUR.
In my opinion, these more desirable areas guarantee liquidity, which means that real estate will be more likely to sell.

What I like about this option is that I don’t have to deal with anything. Somebody else will find the property, they will manage it and sell it in the end.

However, not all of the funds are equally good, actually, some of them might be super risky. That’s why it’s extremely important to be very cautious when choosing the one where you’ll invest your money.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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