E2 Visa Tips: Does an E2 Visa Applicant Need to Hire Employees?

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One way to establish the minimal income requirement is to show that the E2 applicant has hired one or more employees. This would clearly show that the business income is more than enough to provide for only the investor.

But, if the E2 visa applicant is not prepared to hire employees – there is another option. The entrepreneur can create a business plan that details the steps that will be taken within five years to make a significant economic contribution.

In the business plan, the investor can project a personnel growth plan within five years. Using this strategy, the E2 investor applicant can present a case for approval without hiring any employees before filing the application. Questions? Call 214-741-1700.

E2 Visa Business Planning

VERDIN provides international clients strategic advice on starting and operating a new venture to secure immigration benefits. We address preliminary business planning to include business modeling, legal entity selection, business plan preparation and revision; and business document preparation for incorporations and owner agreements.

We are experienced in handling complex E2 investor cases. We routinely deal with US Citizenship and Immigration Services, US embassies and consulates around the world to help our clients achieve their investor visas. We develop strategies to effectively navigate the statutory and regulatory requirements. Equally important, we stay informed on changes related to policies and procedures affecting our client’s investor cases.

In addition, we assist E2 designated businesses petition for foreign employees with special qualifications that are essential for the business. Questions? Call 214-741-1700.


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