Coronavirus (COVID-19), ERAS, USMLE, and the Residency Match Live Update | MedEdits

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Coronavirus (COVID-19), ERAS, USMLE, and the Residency Match Live Update | MedEdits

We are medical educators with admissions experience at some of the best medical institutions in the nation. MedEdits is the nation’s leader in medical admissions consulting. We have worked with more than 10,000 students over the past twelve years. 94% of our students are accepted to medical school every year. Using our knowledge and experience, our goal is to partner with you so you can reach your fullest potential. Whether you are a premed, medical student, or resident, take advantage of our insight and proven strategies that work.

We are medical education experts for:
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Residency Match, NRMP, Residency Interview
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About MedEdits Medical Admissions

MedEdits Medical Admissions is the nation’s leading medical school admissions consulting company. Founded and run by physician educators 12 years ago, we advise students comprehensively through all stages of the premedical and medical admissions processes. All of our faculty advisors have served on medical school and/or residency admissions committees, education committees, and hospital committees. Our professional writing coaches and editors are also experts in medical admissions and have a deep understanding of what it takes to gain acceptance to medical school, residency, and fellowship.

Our students’ results are impressive. More than 94% of clients who worked with us comprehensively, on every step of the admissions process, are accepted to US allopathic medical schools. Similarly, 95% of clients applying for residency earned a match in their desired specialty – many at their #1 choices. We have helped thousands of students from the United States and around the world achieve their goals.

MedEdits Medical Admissions is recognized for superior one-on-one advising and editing services, a track record of success, and a unique collaborative approach to advising. Our team’s combined wisdom helps each student achieve the best results. Most of our clients now come to us by word of mouth, further evidence of our excellent reputation.

Our message is far reaching. Dr. Freedman has written four best-selling books on the medical admissions process and has been quoted in many media outlets. We have more than 50,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. Yet, we are committed to each and every student with whom we work, and our services are personalized and individually tailored. For more information, we encourage you to contact us.

Proven Results

MedEdits has successfully helped hundreds of applicants through the medical school and residency admissions processes. Some are outstanding candidates while others are “borderline.” We give every student individualized guidance based on his or her situation and background.

Above a 90% acceptance rate to US allopathic medical schools, osteopathic medical schools and international medical schools.

The vast majority (95%) of residency applicants who work with us comprehensively match in the specialty of their choice. Many match at their #1 choice. MedEdits’ expertise and a well developed plan can yield phenomenal results.

Expertise and Wisdom

Dr. Freedman served on faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where she worked in both residency leadership and served on the medical school admissions committee.

MedEdits consultants are all experienced academic faculty medical educators with admissions experience who pride themselves in providing support to, and working with, students. All of our premier consultants have served on medical admissions committees for at least five years and have made pivotal decisions about applicants’ fates. Dr. Jessica Freedman has hand selected each consultant to ensure that he or she upholds MedEdits ideals by offering the most up to date guidance, based on knowledge and experience, with professionalism and warmth. All of our consultants are experienced medical educators.

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