Secret Bay in Dominica: Project Overview

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Interview with Dinesh Kissun, Representative of the Secret Bay Hotel in Dominica

“We are now in Secret Bay and this resort is also approved for Citizenship by Investment. Tell us a few words about your project.

– Gregor Nassif, who is the owner, and his wife Sandra, Sandra’s father is Fruto Vivas, and Fruto Vivas is a Latin American architect. He received so many awards, so many praises for his architectural work, and he gave Gregor and Sandra the architectural plan for the house. This is how the whole story of Secret Bay began.

As you can see, all the villas are located on a hill, they are all located on the cliff, and they allow you to immerse yourself in nature … In the sense that they give you an unobstructed view.

All existing villas are available on the CBI (Citizenship by Investment) market and are located on over 33 acres of land, meaning we are building another 36 villas.

Now at Secret Bay, the owner (Fruto Vivas) wants to know if he can get another 20 acres of land on the other side, which remains undeveloped – while trying to keep nature natural.”

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