The Caribbean citizenship price war: What you need to know

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How much do you know about the Caribbean citizenship price war?

If you’re following the CBI (citizenship by investment) scene closely, then you know that there are 5 islands in the Caribbean that are offering second passports for a certain price.

These programs vary in price, visa-free travel access and other commodities they can provide, but here is the catch.

These countries without resources heavily rely on people who want to buy their second citizenship, especially because it’s one of their biggest resources.

However, with more and more countries coming out with economic citizenship programs, price wars are on!

Though some of the Caribbean countries have significantly lowered their prices, they still haven’t jeopardized their integrity and we see more cooperation not to let that happen in the future.

What will be the outcome of the price war in the Caribbean? Nobody can say for sure, but it is clear that the islands are taking a united front to protect the privilege of their passports.

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