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For UK Nationals who wish to reside in Spain post-Brexit, Spain introduced in the beginning of July a new procedure to obtain residency certificates. This has caused a good bit of confusion and numerous questions from the British expat community.

Watch our interview with immigration attorney, Anna Klevtsova to get answers for some of the most common questions, such as:

– What is the difference between the new residency application process and the old one?- Is the new procedure the same as for third-country nationals, such as Americans or Australians?
– What documents are needed for each step of the new process?

– What documents do I need to bring to the appointment at the police station, or is just my passport enough?

– How long will the process take? – What about those who already have the green residency certificate, do they need to exchange it for the new TIE cards?

If you have other questions that you would like answered or are looking for professional advice about how the new residency requirements affect you, your family or your business, you can contact Klev&Vera at (+34) 93 17 60 190.

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Brexit: New Residency Procedure for British Nationals Living in Spain | Barcelona Metropolitan


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