E2 Visa Application Process, USA 2020

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In this video, we will be explaining the application process for the E2 Visa. For more information about the E2 Visa or to contact an Immigration Lawyer, visit our website.

E2 Application Process

Attorney Menchaca, let’s talk about the E2 Visa.

How do you apply for this visa?

What is the usual application process?

The E2 Visa application process is pretty straightforward.

Here’s how it goes, when I get started on an application the first thing I do is tell my client what documentation I’m gonna need from him or her.

Ok, so I interview my client, ask them a bunch of questions and based on the information they give me I prepare a detailed document checklist.

And I tell them here’s your document checklist get me all of these documents and I will use them to prepare your application.

Okay and are these documents difficult to obtain?

No, generally not most of my clients get me everything within thirty to sixty days, so no, not really.

And what would be the next step?

Then, your job is going to be to get me all the documents that I need,
I will use them to prepare your E2 Visa application and when it’s ready my office will call you and say ma’am your application is ready to go.

Now, we’re going to schedule an appointment for you at a US embassy or consulate outside of the United States so you can go and apply for your E2 Visa.

What will I need to know about this appointment, what do I bring?

Very simple, before you go to your appointment, about three or four days before we will have a conversation with you, and we will tell you everything you need to know.

From details like where it is, when your interview is, what documentation you should take with you, as a matter of fact we will prepare the documentation that you need to take with you.

We will put together in a nice little application packet and we handed to you so that you can present it doing you interview.

We will also give you general advice like what you should wear to make the best impression and we will discuss the types of questions that we expect will be asked to be that way you feel comfortable knowing that you’re going to give the best answers possible to the interviewer.

Okay and then after the interview does that mean I get my visa?

At the interview, once the officer who is conducting the interview decides that you qualify that you meet the requirements that everything’s good then they will approve your visa on spot and they will give you the visa usually that day or the next day or shortly thereafter.

Excellent, thank you attorney Menchaca.

It’s a simple process.


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