USA GREEN CARD vs CANADA PR | Which is better? True Story | Move North | Canada job (Bhava Kishore)

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USA Green Card vs Canada PR. Which is better? Prathap and Swetha share their USA Green Card true story. They decided to move north and left US and moved to Canada. They talk about Life in Canada vs US, job in Canada vs US, etc for Bhava Kishore.

A Green Card is the popular name for a United States Permanent Resident Card. Instead of a Canada Green Card, permanent residents of Canada have the right to a Canada Permanent Resident Card as proof of their Canada immigration status. … A right is something more — it is a legal entitlement, inherent to the holder

Can I have Canadian PR and US green card?

Canada does have its own version of the”Green Card,” known as a Canadian Permanent Resident Card. In both cases, these immigration cards allow individuals to live and work in either Canada or the US, respectively. In order to get a PR card, one must apply for permanent residency.

Should I Immigrate to Canada or the United States? we receive many inquiries about immigration to Canada and the United States through various business investment programs offered by our videos Channel.

One of the most common questions asked is what the differences are between Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) and a U.S. Green Card offered through the countries’ immigration programs. So much of these answers depend on your targets. You do have to think about the difference in culture, your preferences as far as where you’d like to live, and how you feel you could best gain personal victory.

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We created this channel to share our experience with Canada PR processing through express entry program, and also about life in Canada especially for a new immigrant. Leave us your comments and do let us know if there is any specific topic regarding life in Canada that you want us to talk about, we would be happy to make a video of the same.

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