What is a EB-5 visa?

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An EB-5 visa, is a visa that is available to those individuals that have substantial monies to invest. You can invest what you want, the minimum is $500,000 in economically depressed areas, and there’s a formula that you use that you would have to research to see whether or not the area where you’re investing is an economically depressed area. For all other investments, the minimum investment is $1 million.

This visa is valuable in the sense that it does allow investors from other countries to ultimately obtain a Green Card from the United States. However, besides investing that money, the investor or investors have to create at least ten jobs for each $1 million or $500,000 that is invested. Failure to do so will result in you losing your EB-5 status.

If you are an investor that has a substantial amount of money to invest, I would highly recommend that you contact an immigration attorney. For legal services, visit or call (414) 312-5579


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