EB-5 Investor Visa Program Benefits

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The EB-5 Investor Program allows a direct route to permanent residency in the U.S. for the investor, his or her spouse, any children under the age of 21. The investor can live anywhere in the country, work anywhere in the country, retire anywhere in the country. The investor and their spouse and their children can attend college or university at U.S. resident cost instead of a foreign student cost. Again, there are certain rules and conditions that need to be met, those are benefits that are derived directly from having a Green Card through an EB-5 program.

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And of course, the freedom to travel, to and from the U.S. without a visa, and as I said, after 5 years of permanent residency, if the investor meets or the resident meets certain conditions, they can apply for U.S. citizenship. Quite a few investors actually, that I deal with will do this, where they invest $500,000 through a Regional Center to take care of the immigration piece and then to really make money in the U.S. they might get an additional business, from other funds that they might have. So again, if you have a Green Card holder in the U.S., you can go work for someone else or you can work for yourself, you can start a business, and there’s no compulsion for you there to create or sustain 10 full-time jobs because that is not related to your EB-5 application. Eventually, if an investor holds a Green Card, they can apply for their family members as well. The wait there is quite a wait, it’s about 10-15 years generally speaking for most of the countries out there because of visa availability issues. If one does become a U.S. citizen, general, immediate family members, so parents, can be brought over from the U.S. in Green Card status, in usually 6-12 months. So, there are other kinds of benefits as well.

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