10 Reasons to Chose Caribbean Citizenship as a Second Nationality

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On 16th November, Inga Wellings, CS Global Partners’ Business Development Manager, attended a live event – Invest Pro UAE Dubai 2020. She spoke about the top reasons why investors choose Caribean citizenship as a second nationality.

Many individuals across the globe have been made vulnerable in their home countries by a phenomenon outside of their control, including unanticipated political and economic upheaval, unexpected changes in legislation, or sudden disease outbreaks. In response, informed investment migrants who have invested in alternative citizenship have been able to increase their global mobility, diversify their assets, and ensure access to safer, healthier environments for themselves and their families.

“As a trusted advisor, CS Global Partners cultivates durable relationships with clients to assist them in re-evaluating their residency and citizenship portfolios in response to the evolving global situation and individual needs of the client,” said Wellings.

According to Emmanuel Nanthan, the Director of the Citizenship by Investment Unit of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the country had a record number of approved applications in the last financial year. St Kitts and Nevis prefers not to disclose this information, but the country likely experienced a similar trend.

Considered gems within the immigration industry, these programmes allow an investor to legally obtain second citizenship in only a few months without ever residing in the country. Under the laws of these two countries, you can keep your current nationality, while enjoying the benefits of your second one. It is, of course, important to also check the rules pertaining to second citizenship in one’s country of origin.

Here is a full list of all Caribbean Second Citizenship Programmes:
– Antigua and Barbuda
– Dominica
– St Kitts and Nevis
– St Lucia
– Vanuatu

0:00 Intro
2:05 Why Second Citizenship?
3:40 Caribean Citizenship by Investment
6:10 Why investor should choose citizenship by investment?
6:30 Safety
7:44 Family
11:05 Speed
11:50 Ease
12:22 No Travel and Residency Requirments
12:50 Cost
13:59 Wellbeing
14:32 Belonging
14:57 Asset Diversification
16:38 Mobility
16:57 How can we help?
17:58 Live Questions

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CS Global Partners is one of the first government legal advisory firms to promote officially Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes. The company was established in London in 2012 by Micha-Rose Emmett, a South African dual-qualified lawyer with unrivalled acumen and experience in the investment immigration industry.

Headquartered in the heart of London, with offices across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, CS Global Partners comprises of a passionate team of reputable specialists and lawyers. Our law specialists provide expert advice to investors looking to apply for second citizenship or residency and our marketing department promotes the Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes that governments have trusted us with.

We can help you with your queries and advise you on which option is the best for you and your family.

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