7 Reasons To Obtain A Second Passport of Dominica | Dominica Passport Benefits

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Reason Why It Is Most Favorable By  High Net Investors & Business Owners 

1) Freedom of movement

The holders of Dominica passport may have visa-free access to more than 130 countries. There is a zero possibility of you being questioned by authorities at any airport or port upon arrival to the UK, Singapore, the Schengen Area. This makes travel much easier, saves the time you previously spent on obtaining travel documents.

2) Favorable tax environment

The country’s tax system is based on the principles of loyalty. There is no tax on global income, inheritance, and capital gains.

3) No need to fly across the ocean to get a passport

It is not necessary to come to the islands halfway around the world neither before nor after the issuance of a passport. Documents may be submitted in Dubai. Citizenship application is handled exclusively through a licensed agent. The list of agents is approved by the government.

4) Confidentiality of the application process.

Information on obtaining the second passport is discrete and is not reported to the country of first citizenship. Dominica recognizes dual citizenship.

5) Transparent application procedure.

Before submitting a package of documents, the applicant pays due diligence fees and 25% of the required contribution. The remaining part of the contribution must be paid only after the government approves the application.

6) Passport for the whole family in a very short time.

Along with the main applicant, Dominica citizenship may also be granted to a spouse, children under 25 years, and parents aged 65 and above.

7) Citizenship is granted for life.

Dependents together with the main applicant obtain citizenship for life.

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