Can you live in Portugal and pay no TAX? (Non habitual residency program explained)

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Portugal is one of these countries that is extremely interesting to digital nomads and entrepreneurs. Many of our clients moved there, and many more are considering moving there in the future. Why wouldn’t they? Portugal is a beautiful country with great weather and food.
But the question arises – Can you live in Portugal and pay no tax?

Have you heard of the Portuguese non-habitual residency program? Today we are going to discuss how exactly the NHR program (that was created in 2009.) works. This program lasts for 10 years, which means that you can take advantage of tax cuts for 10 years, after which you’d be taxed normally.

Can you get zero tax under this program? Well, it’s not so straight forward – but it is possible!
We will try to explain how can this be achieved.

*Mentioned in the video:
Portugal NHR occupation list High Value Added Professions (for 20% tax rate):

Computer programmers
Data processing and hosting specialists
Medicine doctors
News agency and other information professionals
Painters (artistic)
Scientific research and development professionals
Senior management positions, except company directors
Tax consultants
Theatre, ballet, cinema, radio and TV artistic professionals
University teachers
Web developers and designers
Investors, directors and managers of companies promoting eligible projects under tax incentive contracts
IT consultants
IT professionals
IT specialists (other)
Life sciences specialists


• American Samoa• Andorra (*)• Anguilla• Antigua and Barbuda (*) • Antilles
• Arab Republic of Yemen • Aruba• Ascension Island• Bahamas
• Bahrain• Barbados (**)• Belize (*)• Bermuda (*)• Bolivia• British Virgin Islands (*)• Brunei• Cayman Islands (*)• Channel Islands (*)• Christmas Island• Cocos (or Keeling) Islands• Cook Islands• Costa Rica• Djibouti• Dominica (*)• Falkland Islands (or Malvinas) • Fiji Islands
• French Polynesia • Gambia• Gibraltar (*)• Grenada
• Guyana• Honduras• Hong Kong (**)• Island of Guam• Island of Kiribati• Island of Tokelau• Jamaica• Jordan• Kuwait (**)• Labuan• Lebanon• Liberia (*)• Liechtenstein• Maldives Islands• Marshall Islands• Mauritius• Monaco• Montserrat• Nauru• Niue Island• Norfolk Island• Northern Mariana Islands • Oman (**)• Pacific Islands not listed
• Palau Islands • Panama (**)• Pitcairn Island • Puerto Rico
• Qatar (**)• Qeshm Island• Republic of Vanuatu• Saint Helena• Saint Kitts and Nevis (*)• Saint Lucia (*)• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines• San Marino (**)• Seychelles• Solomon Islands• St. Peter’s Island and Miquelon• Svalbard (Spitsbergen archipelago and Bjørnøya island)• Swaziland• Tonga• Trinidad and Tobago• Tristan da Cunha Island• Turks and Caicos (*)• Tuvalu Island• United Arab Emirates(**)

(*) – These jurisdictions may eventually leave this blacklist since they have signed agreements for the exchange of information with Portugal.
(**) – These jurisdictions may eventually leave this blacklist since they have signed double taxation agree- ments with Portugal that are in force.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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