American E2 Visa Strategy For Your US LLC. Date: 24-7-2020

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In this video we discuss right strategy of getting US E2 visa while you are building your FBA Business on US LLC.

First thing you should understand, the LLC is in someone’s name. Not your name and you are going to buy it in 2-3 years time. This business is profitable making $5k a month already and you are simply buying it with new money. New money means, you create another LLC in your own name, transfer $70k or $100k from Pakistan by wire to your own LLC. Once you are ready to acquire the friend’s LLC doing business on Amazon, your accountant will create a contract and buy/sell agreement and you make the payment from your LLC to his LLC and now you become owner of his LLC.

However if you have B1/B2 already, visit US and within weeks you can get E2 in hand. But if you are in Pakistan, the same process may take 1 year to 1.5 years with appointment with embassy to get E2 issued to you. But one thing you must understand. 1 LLC in your name where you keep transferring funds from Pakistan to US and save it in this LLC and use it as an investment arm. And the other LLC of friend who is technically doing FBA business and you going to buy it later.

Now the next thing we discuss in this video if you should get E2 or not? I have explained these logic’s in a lot more detail in this Zan Zar Zameen video where I have explained if you are young and yet to have kids, you may want to get E2 and move to US so your future children can take advantage of Jus soli law and get citizenship but if you already have kids and 40+ then you may not want to move to US unless you are determined for your children to build future of their own which may take a decade of their life anyways.

In this video, I have also explained if you are living overseas, when is the right time to move to Pakistan and when is not the right time to move back to Pakistan. The logic behind is “savings” whichever country gives you savings, you should stick to that country and whichever country is not giving you savings, it is useless to stay in that country unless your core aim is “lifestyle” and not the wealth creation.


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