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0:00 – Introduction
In this video, we will introduce the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program also known as economic citizenship.

We will guide you through the costs, benefits, and process of obtaining a second citizenship.

At the end of this video, we will also answer the most frequently asked questions about this program.

0:25 – About the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program
The Montenegrin citizenship by Investment program officially started taking applications in late 2019.

To be able to apply for this program, you should be at least 18 years of age, in good health, and without a criminal record.

In addition, you are required to invest in government-approved real estate projects and make a contribution to the government development fund.

Please note that the program currently has a limit of 2000 applications that will be accepted within the first 3 years.

0:56 – Investment Options
To qualify for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program, you are required to purchase a property worth at least 450,000 euros. If the property is located in an underdeveloped region of Montenegro, the minimum investment amount is reduced to 250,000 euros.

A minimum contribution of 100,000 euros to the government development fund is also required.

In addition to the minimum investment and contribution, there are government processing fees and professional fees that apply to your application.

To get the updated and detailed costs, you can book a free consultation with one of our expert consultants by applying on our website.

1:36 – The process of obtaining a Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment
The process for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship by investment is divided into 5 steps over a period of approximately 6 months.

Step one, we will do an initial background check to make sure you are qualified to apply to the program. If you pass the qualification process, a down payment of our professional fees is required to start working on your application and move to the next step.

Step two, our team will assist you with the collection of all documents required by the government.

Step three, we will present a selection of properties in Montenegro according to your requirements. The government application fees and contribution fees are paid during this step.

Step four, once you have chosen your property, and the purchase agreements are completed, your application is submitted to the government.

Step five, once approved, the citizenship documents are issued and delivered to you. The balance of professional fees is settled at this time.

2:33 – The benefits of Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment
As a citizen of Montenegro, you can travel visa-free or with visa-on-arrival to over 120 countries and territories, including Russia, Singapore and all Schengen countries.

You and your family will enjoy citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations. You will also benefit from world-class healthcare systems, have the right to attend schools and universities in Montenegro; open bank accounts and expand investment opportunities.

There are no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance.
Montenegro is also predicted to enter the European Union by 2025, which will significantly increase the benefits for Montenegrin citizens. 

3:16 – Frequently asked questions about the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program
1. Can I include my family?

Yes, you can include qualified members of your family in the application or add them after you have obtained your citizenship for an additional fee. A qualified family member can be a spouse, children over 18 which are financially dependent on the main applicant or children below 18.

2. Are there any interviews, language tests, or work experience requirements?
No, there are no requirements for a language test, work experience or an interview.

3. What if I get rejected?
Savory and Partners will assess your eligibility before submitting your application. Anything that might cause issues in the process will be explained to you before any action is taken. Once your file is submitted, the Government will conduct their own assessment.


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