US Green Card Process 2020

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This video is about the US Green Card process in 2020. Our Green Card took one year to arrive from the date of application and we would like to share the details of our process for the benefit of other applicants. Have you been wondering what the green card process was like?


In this video, we are here to help explain what all documents and forms you will be expected to fill out. From the before, during, and after of the green card process, we try to shed some light on what all documents you will want to have on hand and ready to submit for that green card interview.

We go in-depth on the process for the green card marriage interview to help you see what all is best to have included in your documentation and records to keep.

Remember, this is a video about our positive experience through the process and interview. We ofter to help you understand what all might be needed for the process. This is NOT LEGAL ADVISE! Please speak with an attorney if you have further legal questions in regards to the green card process.

We are only here to help provide information from our experience in hopes of helping you through the process.

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